Freestyle centers
We design and build custom freestyle training facilities. We undertake all the work necessary for implementation. Our customers receive turnkey projects if they wish. From conception to creation of visualizations and blueprints to manufacturing the equipment and the installation of the infrastructure, you get everything from one source.

A freestyle training hall can be built as a new construction or within an existing property. The required area and the ceiling heights are determined by the desired sports to be practiced in the hall. We work closely with local companies to keep the costs low. This also helps to preserve the environment by minimizing transportation. By working with local clubs, the costs can be lowered by performing in-house services. Depending on the user groups and customer requests, our concepts can include half-pipe ramps, mini ramps and skate parks with skate plazas, bowls or snake runs, jumps with foam pits, air tracks, trampolines, parkour, climbing walls and boulder walls, bike pump tracks and dirt tracks.

The concept
A freestyle training facility provides integrated training for snowboarders, freeski riders, skateboarders, BMX and dirt bike riders, freeclimbers and freerunners. Other athletes can also benefit from this comprehensive range. To progress as a snowboarder or freeskier on the halfpipe, it is beneficial to practice on a skateboard halfpipe as well. Although different techniques are applied when skateboarding, cross training will give you a broader foundation for increased safety and creativity. On trampolines, rotations and tricks can be practiced in weightlessness. Under ideal safety conditions, the athletes can calculate and develop the feeling of flying. Through the big air training with skateboards, snowboards, skis and bikes, landing in a foam pit, rotations and landings can be perfected.

Landing ramps with a softer surface (resi-tops) can serve as an intermediate step to practice on, before one starts landing tricks on a hard wood or concrete surface. Acrobatic gymnastics training on Air Track mats offers an ideal additional foundation for coordination, timing and spatial notion. The addition of a parkour landscape doesn’t only add an extra sport to the hall. Parkour combines high level acrobatic gymnastics with the individual creativity of the participant. The tricks that are practiced on trampolines or Air Tracks can be executed later in the open with more security.

The advantages
The benefits of a freestyle training facility are diverse. Athletes have the opportunity to train different sports in one venue, regardless of the weather conditions. You can customize your training plan according to your needs and train at a high level under safe conditions. We put our experience at your disposal, we’ve been building our experience since 1989 and we put it at your disposal, to put together your ideal training. Get in touch with us to have an initial conversation about your project.

Vertical Technik AG developed a national performance center for young athletes for the Spiritus Sanctus College in Brig. The exterior of the former indoor swimming pool St. Ursula was renovated according to the guidelines of the Swiss Heritage Society and the interior was adapted to fit the needs of the athletes. Vertical Technik AG was commissioned as a general contractor for the implementation of the planning, construction management and execution within only 3 months (See gallery).

Freestyle centers in the shop

Brig - national performance center