A pump track is a 1 meter wide course for mountain bikes and BMX, that loops back to itself, allowing you to ride it continuously. You can ride it without pedaling at all, using your legs to pump the terrain instead. It starts from a higher starting point to give you enough momentum to ride the first wave. Using legwork allows you to increase the speed so that the waves and valleys can be ridden continuously and you can control how fast you want to ride. The course is enhanced by steep banked turns and jumps to make the ride more interesting. Experienced riders fly over the valleys and "tweak" their bikes in the air. The difficulty increases as you go faster. A pump track can be used with any mountain bike. The courses are built on flat ground so that they can be ridden either direction.
Outdoors, the building materials utilized are dirt and clay. Depending on the customer, a concrete version can be built. Concrete tracks need less maintenance but cost more to build.

Indoors, we build pump tracks with wood or other materials on request. The decisive factor for the flawless functioning of a pump track is the spacing and sizing of the waves, as well as the radius of the steep wall bends.
A pump track is a place where children and young adolescents can playfully learn how to handle a bicycle. It can feel like quite an accomplishment the first time you manage to pump around the entire course. By gradually increasing their speed and performing jumps the participants learn to push their limits with relatively low risk. Besides building up muscle and developing their technique, they also improve their general bike riding confidence. A pump track is an ideal place to practice coordination, sense of balance and fast reactions.

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