Design Workshops

We offer a skatepark design workshop to guide the creation process of a skatepark. A skatepark designer carries out a workshop with the users of the park and together they define a project. The goal of the workshop is to create a design which meets all the needs, within a certain budget and area frame. Our workshops are led by a specialist with experience in building skateparks and project management. The terms and conditions are defined in advance. For the first workshop, the skatepark operation concept is discussed and a first, rough layout is defined. Then, a 3D model is created and it gets discussed and corrected at the second workshop. At the third workshop, the design is presented.

Workshop Assembly
Our workshop for assembly-preparation and assembly is aimed at young people from communities who order a skatepark from us. The workshop is a good opportunity for young people to get an insight into the working world. The workshop begins with a visit to Vertical AG, where the operations are explained. That is followed by the assembly preparation process, where the participants have an active hand in carrying out important activities in a protected area. They get to learn about the manufacturing process of a skate facility and how the elements are prepared for the assembly. On the following day, the same youngsters actively participate in the assembly of the obstacles, which they’ve previously helped to prepare at the company’s headquarters. The workshop is held under the technical control of the Vertical team and under the supervision of the youth group leader.

Through their activities in the team, the youngsters are motivated to personally take action. They bring their own efforts to a common project, which they will all get to enjoy once it’s completed. Experience has shown that young people demonstrate a stronger interest in the community, when they develop a personal relationship with it by participating in it’s projects. Thus, they will tend to develop a sense of responsibility when it comes to protecting their skatepark.

Workshop Company Visit
This workshop is aimed at young people, and led by youth workers. It is possible to visit Vertical Technik AG with a youth group, so the youths can come in direct contact with the working world. The tour explains our procedures in the technical office, workshop and warehouse . The youngster are given an inside look into the planning and manufacturing of street obstacles.

Workshops in the Shop