New trend sport: Chase Tag.

Catching games for adults is how the new trend sport “Chase Tag” is often described briefly. This is not entirely wrong, but only partly true: Although a player has to try to touch the other within a certain time in order to score points, as in a normal catching game, this task is made more difficult by obstacles of various kinds, which are distributed on the play field. The obstacles, which are similar to those on parkour courses, are suitable for sliding through or jumping over, which makes the catching game more difficult. “Chase Tag” is therefore quite breathtaking, not only to participate but also to watch.

There are different game variants for Chase Tag, but the “1 on 1 match” (Chase Tag Singles Chase Off) has prevailed: Two players compete against each other and play until the first player has scored ten points. The game is played in rounds, each consisting of two sessions. In one session, one player is the hunter and the other is the hunted, and in the second session it is the other way around. A session ends when the hunter catches the hunted. If a player is caught, this gives one point. Another point is awarded to the one who caught his opponent fastest within the round.

There is also the team variant (Team Chase Off): The game is played with two teams, each consisting of a maximum of six people and the number of rounds of 20 seconds each is agreed in advance. One player from each team comes onto the field, with one group providing the hunter and one group the hunted. If the hunter succeeds in catching the hunted, the point goes to the team of hunters. If he doesn't succeed, the point goes to the other team. The winner of the round remains on the field of play, while the loser leaves the field of play and is replaced by a player from his team. The team with the most points wins.

In order to ensure the safety of the players, the following rules apply: The touching must be done by hand. Contact with the knee, arm or foot does not count. Dangerous and unfair playing methods are prohibited (holding on, tripping, etc.).

There is also an international championship for Chase Tag, the World Chase Tag. More information can be found in our News section (Overground Basel).

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