Mobile skateparks
The main characteristic of SKATEFACE® is it’s balanced grip quality, as well as it’s resistance to weathering and wear and tear. Besides it’s ideal mechanical qualities, SKATEFACE® also has great riding qualities. It’s particularly worth mentioning how fast it is, the perfect pop it provides for ollies and how quick it dries after rainfall. It is made of homogenous material that contains no pores through which the water can penetrate. This makes it ideal for outdoor use. The sheets are flexible and can be applied to transitions without the need for any special pre-treatment.

Facilities that are located in residential neighborhoods can benefit from having their surfaces re-sheeted with a SKATEFACE® surface, as it’s a silent material for skateboards, scooters and BMX bikes. The SKATEFACE® surface is also suitable for the obstacles of a snowboard park. Wall rides, picnic tables and boxes can be equipped with this surface.

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