Concrete skateparks
We design and build custom skateparks in concrete. We provide all the necessary work such skate parks. We work closely with local construction companies, so that the project funds are applied locally and the environment is conserved by reducing the effects of travel and transportation.

Price Estimates

Depending on the information you give us, we can give a rough price estimate in advance, before the project begins on the drawing board. The price of a cement skate park depends on various factors. Some of these are: the size of the area, the characteristics of the soil, the topography, the choice of materials, the construction procedures, desired shapes, execution and infrastructure, environment work and possible in-house production costs.

Basically it is possible to built a skate park in almost any area, even if it is small. It’s also possible to build a skate park on different property levels. This means that we can implement a functional concept even on terrain with a slope.

Considering the Requests
There are different types of skate parks. A distinction is made between a skate plaza, an obstacle course, a bowl, a pool, a snake run or a flow area. There are different preferences in the group of users. Our goal is to cater to as many wishes as possible. Therefore, it is important for us to prepare by initially conducting a workshop with the future users.

Design Creation and Integration of the user
To us, the integration of the future user in the creation process is the first step towards a successful project. In our Skatepark Design Workshop, besides shaping the design we also define the operational concept of the skate park. Another important aspect of our projects is the possibility of youth participation in the construction of the skate park. All contributors are assigned tasks according to their age, which makes the end product part of their own work.

3D Visualization
As part of our design workshops, a simple 3D design of the future skate park is created. Additional packages include a photo-realistic 3D representation, which helps to further the communication in the project. This facilitates the search for sponsors and provides quality, photo-realistic images for media reports and the website of the project.

Geological Survey
The next step is an analysis of the soil conditions. A geological survey provides information on the composition of the soil, where the skate park will be built. Different compositions will result in according construction costs. Based on the results of the geological report, the local construction companies can coordinate their offers carefully. Thus, the proper engineering measures can be taken which are necessary to properly implement the skate park.

Preliminary Planning
The pre-project consists of the creation of plans to apply for a building permit to clarify costs with local construction companies. With these plans, and with the geological report, the cost of executing the work can be calculated.

Bidding for the work / selection of suppliers

To select the best solution for your project, we create a detailed tender for the building project. In addition to the invitation to bid, the suppliers are given preliminary plans and geological surveys to use as the basis for their offers. These documents contain descriptions of the objects, the amounts and the quality of the execution. We compare the offers and submit the results to our customers. Finally, we award the jobs.

Detailed Planning
After the preliminary design was completed and the construction companies are selected, the detailed plan is created. Based on these plans all the details are defined, and they can be adjusted in the construction phase as well. The final plans are archived to guarantee traceability and accountability after completion of the work.

Alternative Planning
At the request of customers, we plan alternative versions of the project. This allows the selection of alternatives in the advanced stage of the project. Because the customer requests come first, we remain flexible to changes during the construction process.

Project planning / Site management / Coordination of the Construction Site
As a next step we take on the project planning and coordinate the goods and services of the construction companies. We take over the coordination of the construction site and the site management of all work. Quality control is ensured by us, so that our customers get exactly what has been agreed in advance. Our presence on the site is guaranteed at all major points in time. We would like to take this opportunity to point out that it is important to us, to deliver functional skate parks that need as little maintenance as possible. A skate park project can also be changed during construction with the necessary adjustments. In the event of incurring additional costs, these will be discussed in advance with the customer.

Job Completion / Delivery of Construction
During the final stage of building a skate park, cleanup work is done as well as environmental work. The construction site is cleaned and cleared of all unnecessary material. The surrounding areas are decorated with plants and the lawn is re-seeded. Panels with logos of sponsors may be installed. Once all work is completed on schedule, the delivery to the customer is due. The work and execution are checked and the skate park is officially delivered to the customer via a report.

Opening of a Skate Park
For the opening of the skate park, we stand with help and advice available to our customers. We can organize the event entirely or partially and coordinate the proceedings. Through our many years of experience in the event business we have contacts with international professional athletes who we can invite to the opening. As you can see, our offer in the concrete skate park area is very broad. You can count on our support from the beginning of the project to the completion. As a skate park architects, we’re glad to pass on our experience to successfully implement your project. We look forward to hearing from you!

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