Indoor skateparks
Depending on the size of your available indoor area we build smaller, individual facilities or larger combinations of street obstacles, miniramps and bowls. In doing so, we work on a concept that allows useful lines throughout the park. The park can be customized to fit a specific sport, or it can be configured to accommodate all sports. As a basis for our layout we utilize a design previously developed in a workshop with the future users of the park. We offer specific workshops for that purpose, check out the chapter about our Skatepark Design Workshops. Based on that design we create our project plan. We build our indoor parks out of wood acquired locally for the most part, with the participation of young locals. We manage the work and organize people by their age and ability to perform certain tasks. In this process they learn how hand tools work and how to operate them (check out our Assembly Workshop). If this is not desired we can also build the skatepark entirely with our staff. When purchasing materials, we consider local suppliers to spare the environment and our customers the unnecessary transportation and costs. This keeps part of the investment in the local community and animates businesses.

An indoor skate park is rarely publicly accessible. In most cases, it’s operation is regulated by a club or the business is run on a commercial basis. Admission is usually charged to bear the costs. In the first 5 years the maintenance costs are limited to the renewal of worn out wood surfaces on walls and edges. The maintenance of the riding surface only becomes an issue between the 5th and the 10th year. The surfaces also may need to be sanded and cleaned from time to time to eliminate residue that is left by wheels and kneepads.

An important issue is the choice of riding surfaces. We offer two different quality options: the more affordable birch plywood and the high quality beech plywood.
Birch is soft and easy to handle. With heavy use, after 5-7 years the birch plywood sheets have to be reversed. This work is not to be underestimated and most of the time you have to replace some of the sheets. Beechwood is harder and therefore a faster riding surface. Compared to birch, it lasts twice as long. Usually after 10 years of use, a one-time sanding job is enough make the skatepark’s surface shine like new.

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