Street workout has become a lifestyle for many young people and for those young at heart.

Involvement of the target groups
Target groups that are actively involved in the development process of the street workout parks will later assume an active responsibility for the park. In our professionally led workshops, we offer future users the possibility of being part of the planning phase and helping shape the configuration of their facilities.

A street workout park is normally installed on a field. First, we create concrete foundations in order to anchor the poles into the ground. Frost-protection gravel forms the basis of the fall-protection area. We then pour a 10 cm thick layer of permeable concrete over it. Subsequently the fall protection made of EPDM rubber granulate is glued on. The fall protection lies on the same level as the surrounding grass. Nowadays street workout parks can be anchored to an existing asphalt surface by using special asphalt screws. The benefits of this solution: If necessary, the entire park can easily be dismantled and moved to a different location. The frost-protection layer is not needed, since the asphalt surface already has a frost-free foundation. A galvanized steel frame, which is powder-coated in the RAL colour of your choice, is used for the edging.


The simple maintenance of street workout parks is limited to frequently cleaning the surfaces. The trash cans are emptied by the municipality. Periodic technical check-ups guarantee the safety of the facilities. Our maintenance contracts normally include two visits per year. Detailed reports provide an insight into the work done and the condition of the stations. We recommend shorter check-up intervals for parks that are used more intensely.

The elements of the street workout park are created in our workshop according to EN 16630 standards. We use steel, which we then galvanize. This makes our facilities very robust and durable. We are happy to implement individual customer wishes. Powder-coated poles in all RAL colours allow for interesting design possibilities.

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