Climbing facilities
Our outdoors supply includes climbing rocks, boulder spots and rock climbing walls with natural looking, landscaped rock structures made of colored shotcrete. Our climbing walls can also be used as noise barriers and are often used to promote slope stabilization, when you have a landslide problem. The special features of our outdoor climbing facilities are the artist made rock structures that look identical to nature. They are designed so that they can be climbed without artificial handles. The crevices are formed by molds and provide natural grips for hands and feet. Therefore, our rock climbing walls can be integrated harmoniously to existing landscapes.

For indoor facilities, we offer boulders and climbing walls made out of wood, with flexible climbing routes that can be configured with adjustable climbing holds. All our customer needs can be considered because our climbing walls are always produced individually. It gives our customers great freedom for layouts, colors and shapes.

Noise barriers
Our climbing walls can be individually adapted as a noise barrier to your environment situation. The realistic design of the rock surfaces covers many application areas. They can be integrated into different landscapes. Flat concrete walls throw the sound back because the sound waves are not dispersed or absorbed directly. The structure of our rock climbing wall is uneven and ridged. Thereby the sound waves are broken up. The surface structure of climbing walls can be designed so that the sound waves are broken and scattered. In urban areas, sometimes the open areas are cut too short. Where residents and skateparks or play areas are close together, our climbing walls can act as a noise barrier, providing a reduction of noise emissions.

Slope protection

Our climbing walls can be customized according to your building situation. Besides their function as climbing walls they can also take on the function of slope or cliff protection walls. By virtue of the natural appearance of their "rock" surfaces our climbing walls integrate harmoniously with the existing landscape. Our climbing walls are implemented to landscape level differences in the terrain of playgrounds or parks, all while giving them a natural appearance. The rocks of shotcrete are used in many other areas such as parks, spas and recreational facilities.

Climbing towers
When climbing towers are over 3 meters tall it is to be noted that they may not have a open public access. Supervision by trained personnel is necessary. There is no height restriction. Our climbing towers are TÜV certified and conform to DIN EN 1176 standards for special installations as well as DIN EN 12572 standards for artificial climbing facilities.

Our range includes not only the climbing towers but also sport climbing structures, rope climbing structures, single climbing rocks, climbing walls and cliff boulders. They can be designed as a climbable slope reinforcement walls, noise protection walls and embankment protectors.

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