Climbing facilities
Climbing is trendy. It promotes flexibility, coordination, strength and endurance. Climbing facilities have long been used not only by sport climbing as a training opportunity, they also serve as meeting points and playgrounds for children and young people.
Our range of climbing facilities includes climbing cubes, bouldering walls, climbing rocks and climbing towers as well as climbable noise barriers and slope protection. Our climbing systems are suitable for public spaces, as they are supplemented by a fall protection surface. This means that the systems can be used up to 3 m in height without supervision.

At the beginning of the planning phase, we recommend a workshop in which the needs of the target group are evaluated, reference objects are looked at and the wishes are discussed. In addition to the construction of the climbing facility, we offer the conclusion of a maintenance contract with two annual checks. This ensures the longevity and operational safety of the system. The Bfu also recommends regular maintenance and control of the climbing system.

Climbing facilities in the Shop

-Climbing cubes
The climbing cubes represent the connection between play and sport. They offer versatile movement options for children, young people and experienced bouldering fans. The climbing holds can be freely positioned during assembly, which enables different climbing routes. Combining several climbing cubes creates additional climbing routes and levels of difficulty. The climbing cubes are intended for use in public spaces without supervision, whereby the maximum fall height is less than 3 meters.

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-World's first mobile bouldering wall
We have developed the world's first mobile bouldering wall with integrated EPDM fall protection and are offering it for sale. It offers the opportunity to encourage the population to do more sport. The system can be operated in public spaces without monitoring. It is transported and installed in one piece by crane and truck. In the canton of Baselland, such a mobile bouldering wall can be rented by municipalities from the Sportamt BL.
Contact Sportamt BL: Herr Bader, 061 552 14 18

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-Boulder walls
We produce individual bouldering walls made of wood for indoor use, which offer a lot of design freedom in terms of color, shape and degree of difficulty.

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-Climbing rocks, climbable noise barriers and slope protection
Climbing rocks are climbing systems with lifelike rock structures made of shotcrete Climbing rocks do not require any additional climbing holds. The cracks in the rock are shaped to create natural grips for hands and heels for feet. Our climbing rocks can also be used as noise protection walls and as slope protection. For example, in urban areas where there is little space and where residents and leisure facilities are close together, our climbing walls can serve as noise protection walls to reduce noise emissions. In addition, the climbing walls can be individually adapted to the structural situation. This allows them to perform a static function in the form of slope stabilization. Shotcrete climbing rocks are used in various areas such as parks and leisure facilities.

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