CH Aesch BL - Miniramp 1400

The popular miniramp at the skate park Aesch BL had to be substituted. For the skaters in the region the miniramp has provided good service for many years. Unfortunately, no one was found who wanted the 2nd hand miniramp and therefore it was dismantled and recycled.

A new mini ramp with extension was built in September 2013. It is 1.4 meters high, 9 meters long and with 7.5 meters it’s the widest mini ramp in the region. In addition it has a 50 cm high extension. The skateface riding surface provides just the right grip and will quickly dry in the rain. The edge protection on both sides of the miniramp protects spectators from outdroping skateboards.
Together with the existing street obstacles offers Aesch at sports field Lochacker the youngsters a multifaceted skatepark. A Pandora box with Ledge, a quarter pipe and a bank are promising pure skating pleasure, combined with a manual pad and rails.

Many thanks to Oliver Standke and Thomas Luthi of the community Aesch, which stood up for the project for years.

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