CH Allschwil - mobile bouldering wall

The world's first mobile bouldering wall

On August 17, 2020, the world's first mobile bouldering wall with integrated EPDM fall protection was officially opened in Allschwil. In the presence of government advisor Monica Gschwind (CEO of BL sports), Thomas Beugger (head of BL sports department) and Paul Heuberger (CEO Vertical Technik LTD), the ceremony was attended by the local press.

Christian Saladin from the sports department is constantly looking for ways to encourage people to do more sport. His idea of a mobile bouldering wall had been bubbling for a long time, looking for a partner who could make it happen. The problem was that no one could offer mobile, weather-resistant fall protection according to the norms, which would allow unattended public operation. Paul Heuberger took on this task and he worked out a solution in the fall of 2019. The construction of the bouldering wall then began and in the spring of 2020. The mobile bouldering wall was produced in 3 months at the production plants of Vertical Technik SA in Frenkendorf. It weighs approximately 3.5 tonnes and is transported and installed in one piece using a crane and truck.

Each municipality in the canton of Basel-Country can contact the port department and book the installation. The cost contribution is only CHF 1500.

A big thank you to Christian Saladin.

Sportamt Baselland


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