CH Arlesheim - Skatepark Opening

There is great joy among the children and adolescents in Arlesheim. On Saturday, August 31 2019, the new skate park was opened next to the swimming pool, in the presence of the local councilors Ursula Laager and Felix Berchten.

Shortly after two o'clock, children and teenagers stormed the park for the opening session. With companions of all kinds, the park was tested from front to back. Especially the new Microramp was met with enthusiasm. The two-sided jump in the middle of the park made the skaters' hearts beat faster. One missed the skatepark and was happy to have a facility again, a small athlete said. The newly built elements of Vertical Technik are intentionally low and accessible to all, so that the skate park offers not only advanced, but also beginners opportunities and security.

Created by a youth survey
After the aging skatepark had to be removed, the community of Arlesheim surveyed all residents under 26 according to their preferences. Various alternatives to the use of the vacant space could be chosen, after which the topics skate park, parkour and street workout were in the foreground. In a subsequent workshop with the participation of many Arlesheim children and adolescents, a new leisure facility was developed. Thanks to the sponsoring of the BLKB, the Gasverbund Mittelland and thanks to the financial support of the municipality and the lottery fund, the skate park was realized. The skatepark is run by the association "Freiraum Jugendhaus and Kindertreff".

The plans remain big
As Gaby Meyer from Jugendhaus Arlesheim explained at the opening event, the leisure facilities on the green area in front of the entrance to the swimming pool are being supplemented. After the swimming pool season, the construction works begin for the remodeling. A parkour facility with street workout and a slackline will provide opportunities for more exercise in the village life instead of the old parking space. The Street Workout facility will serve to keep you fit by doing exercises with your bodyweight. Acrobatic jumps between walls and poles will be carried out on the parkour grounds. The latter was developed by current Parkour world champion and ninja pro Chris Harmat in collaboration with Paul Heuberger of Vertical Technik AG. It is the first parkour facility in the region designed for beginners and advanced athletes. The community can also rely on the cooperation of the children. It is true that the leisure facilities are cool, but would still have room for improvement: So the young athletes want a trampoline or could imagine putting a splash of color on the gray concrete and spraying the floor of the “playground”. The community and the Jugendhaus will also consider these suggestions sympathetically.

Schwimmbad Arlesheim (in front of the entry)
Schwimmbadweg 10
4144 Arlesheim

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