CH Arlesheim - Street Workout and Parkour

After the new skate park with granite elements and a micro ramp was opened in summer 2019, the Street Workout and Parkour Station with slackline was now allowed to open on the green area in front of the entrance of Arlesheim’s public swimming pool. On the Street Workout station you can do exercises with your own weight. On the Parkour area, acrobatic jumps are carried out between walls and poles. The parkour system was developed by the current parkour world champion and ninja professional Chris Harmat in collaboration with Paul Heuberger from Vertical Technik AG. It is the first parkour area in the region, which was designed for beginners and advanced athletes. A fall protection covering made of EPDM rubber was installed for softer landings.

Developed through a youth survey
After the aging skate park had to be removed, the municipality of Arlesheim conducted a survey among the 26-year-old roommates. Various alternatives for using the vacated space could be chosen, whereby the topics of Skatepark, Parkour and Street Workout were in the foreground. In a subsequent workshop with the participation of the Arlesheim children and adolescents, a new leisure facility was developed. The project was realized thanks to sponsorship from companies, financial support from the municipality and the lottery fund. The leisure facility is operated by the association "Freiraum Jugendhaus und Kindertreff".

Chris Harmat:

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