CH Ascona - Opening of Skate Park Siberia in Ascona

The reopening of Skate Park Siberia took place on September 17th in Ascona. Numerous skateboarders and spectators found their way to the skate park to marvel at Vertical Technik AG’s brand-new facilities and to shred. In ideal weather conditions the skateboarders, who were split into the 3 categories “Junior” under 16, “Senior” over 16 and “S.K.A.T.E. Game”, provided the spectators with a fabulous show.

Ranking Skatecontest

"Junior" Under 16: 
1. Ben Kropp 
2. Luca Rossi 
3. Julian Mas “Senior"

Over 16: 
1. Andrea Giacobbi
2. Denny Facchiretti 
3. Raffaele Gabrielli

S.K.A.T.E Game: 
1. Fabio Emilcare 
2. Denny Facchiretti 
3. Davide Gazza

Skatepark Siberia 
Via Losone 14 
6612 Ascona TI

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