CH Ascona - Skatepark Siberia

The Skate Park Siberia in Ascona has received new vertical skate modules. The old facilities are a thing of the past and have been dismantled.

Two different banks as well as a quarter pipe lead to the centerpiece of the skate park. An innovative skate plaza was designed especially for Ascona. It holds two levels (30 cm and 45 cm) and contains two granite Hubbas, a down rail and a smell set of stairs. The skate plaza holds a 9-meter-long, 45° steep bank. In addition, the plaza encompasses a 6-meter-long granite curb as well as a step curb with a granite riding surface. This way the available space is optimally utilized.
The installation took place within 3 days between the end of August and the beginning of September 2016.
We’d like to thank the hard-working helpers who assisted us during the montage as well as those responsible for the Skate Park Siberia.

Skatepark Siberia 
Via Losone 14 
6612 Ascona TI

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