CH Avenches - Concrete skatepark

The historically significant town Avenches in the Canton of Fribourg has its own well preserved amphitheatre, which has been there since Roman times. Since spring 2018 the city is also the proud owner of a pleasant concrete skatepark.

Vertical Technik AG was commissioned by the municipality of Avenches to implement the design, the planning and the construction in the context of a general contractor agreement. In the year 2016 the needs of the local youth were already evaluated by means of a skatepark design workshop. The skatepark is a circuit flowpark, which provides opportunities for skilled riders and kids on an area of around 250m2. An A-frame hubba with a pyramid, a set of stairs with 2 different handrails as well as a manual pad with a straight rail are located beside a 180° bowl corner with hip and slappy curbs . The skatepark is situated in the new sports zone next to the train station.

Zone Sportive
Chemin du Milieu
1580 Avenches

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