CH Binningen - Street Workout Facility in the popular Spiegelfeld

Vertical Technik AG has installed a new street workout facility at the Spiegelfeld sports hall at Wassergrabenstrasse 21 in Binningen. It includes a bench, high bars, horizontal bars, monkey bars, snake bar and leg lifts.

The Spiegelfeld sports area with its indoor swimming pool has always been very popular with the local population. Young people from neighbouring communities also like to visit the Spiegelfeld. The new street workout facility is a sensible extension of the offer in Binningen and promotes the sporting activities of the population in the leisure sector.

This puts Binningen in line with many other communities where such facilities are springing up almost like mushrooms. A lot has happened in the whole of Baselbiet in recent years: while at the beginning only the pilot facility at Birsköpfli in Birsfelden was in operation, today more than a dozen facilities are available to the population throughout the canton.

Wassergrabenstrasse 21

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