CH Chur - Street Workout and Parkour facility

On November 5, 2022, a modern sports facility was officially opened behind the gymnasium of the Montalin-Quader school building. The new leisure facility was created through workshops led by Vertical Technik AG with the involvement of the school's sports teachers as well as local and professional athletes. The specialist design and implementation planning were also taken over by Vertical Technik AG.

The derelict behind the gymnasium makes room for something new. A high-quality offer has been prepared for school sports and for the public, which is also available outside school hours.

The highlight of the leisure facility is the first parkour facility in the city of Chur. In parkour, the goal is to move creatively and efficiently up poles, walls, and other obstacles. A street training facility has been added as an ideal complement. Here the exercises are performed with the own body weight.

From pull-ups on street workouts to giant jumps on parkour structures, anything is possible. "The Quader-Montalin back garden has become a meeting point for all Chur sports enthusiasts who like to exercise or just watch." 

School Quader-Montalin 
Access via 
Neubruchstrasse 12-18 
7000 Chur 

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