CH Colovray, Nyon - Opening of the new skatepark

On 12 December 2015, the town of Nyon invites to the grand opening of the new skatepark from Vertical, near the sports center Colovray. Five transports were necessary to bring all the elements to Colovray. Within a week approximately 22 tons of material were set up by the Vertical assembly team. The six-meter-wide Miniramp has an extension, which allows the riders more options for tricks. A large pyramid with ledge and rail sits in the middle of the street course between a 6m wide bank and a 4.5 m wide Quarterpipe. Another line is equipped with granite elements. There is a granite Step Curb and a Bench made of granite. There are also three mobile Kickers with different heights, a Manual Table with Square Rail and a mobile Flatrail with round tube.
The issue of security is a top priority. All modules are equipped with edge protectors made of rubber.
The entire skatepark was fenced. The Miniramp as well as the start ramps were boxed to prevent of the littering problem. The skate park is located by the lake of Geneva, close beside the UEFA building at the sports center of Colovray, and right next to the campground of the world famous Swiss yacht team Alinghi.

Parking of the public swimming park
sports center Colovray
Chemin de la Piscine
1260 Nyon


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