CH Crans-prés-Cèligny - Opening Skatepark

In uncertain weather conditions, the skate park was inaugurated on 30 April 2016, with a skateboard session. The local skaters and six skateboard amateurs from Zurich showcased their tricks on the skate plaza. Luca Böhi, Ben Chamino, Dome Zollinger, Jannick Burri, Simon Garcia and Lucas Maurer took the Park through its paces. There were many residents of Crans, but also interested parties from other communities.

The project manager and municipal councillor Robert Middleton held the opening speech and told the story of the origin of the project, especially thanking all those involved: Arthur Dusordet, the author of the original petition requesting a skatepark in Crans, and Loic Beirnaert, the president of the Crans City Skateboarding Association (CCSA). An initial design was proposed by CCSA and refined in collaboration with Vertical in workshops.
The horticultural company Boccard created all earthworks, including compacting for Vertical. Thus, the skate park from Vertical Technik AG could be realized in a short time. The cooperation went hand in hand and the result was fantastic. The skate park could be perfectly integrated into the landscape.
It consists of a circuit which can be skated in both directions. Around the circuit and in its centre there are lawns and flowering trees. The project stands out from the "normal" skate parks, which have large concrete surfaces. Some elements were built of granite, to raise the quality of the project.
The park is intended for a wider public, not just skaters. Around the circuit there are benches and tables, where viewers can see the skaters enjoying themselves. It also includes some fitness equipment for all ages.

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