CH Davos - Kingsize Halfpipe

The training center for FIS sports located in Davos boasts a new king-size half pipe, which was installed in February 2015 and is used by numerous athletes.

It provides an additional sporting incentive due to its size and the extensions located on both sides of the facility. It was designed to specifically improve the skills of the athletes. The half pipe provides the athletes with the ideal conditions to perfect their technical skills and prepare for the upcoming competitions. Our Olympic champion Iouri Podladtchikov exemplifies the success of such a training concept. The half pipe is 13.5 meters in width and the coping is located at around 4 meters high in the air.
Thanks to the support of the FIS athletes, the half pipe could be put into operation after only one day of assembly. At this point we would once again like to thank all the energetic helpers.

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