CH Dübendorf - Street Workout and Parkour for the Heerenschürli Sports Centre

Vertical Technik built a street workout and parkour facility for the Heerenschürli sports centre in Dübendorf near Zurich in April 2022. This has given the sports centre in the densely populated Dübendorf, which has 23,852 inhabitants, an additional upgrade. Athletic trainer and parkour professional Reno Vogler was on hand to advise the project. As a sports student with a Master's degree and operator of the Sportort sports hall, he is a true expert: "Parkour is extremely versatile. It teaches you to control your body in all positions. It covers all the movements the body can perform. Installing a parkour and a street workout facility next to each other is a very good combination." Street workout and parkour are also becoming increasingly popular among the general public: "Our facilities offer beginners the opportunity to develop into professionals. Professionals have the opportunity to train at a demanding level under the best safety conditions. Such facilities make it possible to explore and develop one's own physical and mental limits.

Sportzentrum Heerenschürli

Helen-Keller-Strasse 18

4051 Zürich

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