CH Horn - new miniramp and scooter step up

Vertical Technik has delivered a 1.6 metre high, 4.5 metre wide and 9.82 metre long miniramp and a Scooter Step Up for the Horn Skatepark in March 2022. The Pandora Box Scooter Step Up 1500 is a central module with two curves and a platform in between. The platform is tilted upwards to allow high landings. A radius is built in at the end to softly absorb tight landings. The geometry is designed for scooter and BMX riders. The Pandora Box Step Up 1500 can be flown over by jumping out of the first turn, doing a trick in the air and then landing in the opposite turn. This module needs at least 7 metres distance from a run-up element so that users have enough time to prepare for a trick. Thus, the skate park in Horn offers a variety of possibilities not only for skaters, but also for scooters and BMX riders.

9326 Horn

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