CH Lancy - Skatepark de La Praille

Lancy - Skatepark de La Praille

In Lancy in the canton of Geneva, Vertical Technik AG built a skatepark very close to the large "Stade de Genève" football stadium in spring 2021. The Skatepark de La Praille already existed before, but it was dismantled and rebuilt by Vertical Technik AG. The very urban area with its typical asphalt groove is the ideal background to experience skating in its original form.

The skate park consists of a skate plaza, curbs, banks, railslides and quarter pipes, among other things. The skate park is suitable for beginners as well as advanced skaters and offers a variety of possibilities to let off steam creatively on the board.

Especially in an urban setting like this one, skateparks offer a good and meaningful leisure activity for young people. With the skateboard, it is possible to enjoy great community experiences in the open air.



Route des Jeunes 12
1227 Lancy

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