CH Le Châble - Concrete skateparks

The town of Le Châble has placed an order for the realization of a concrete skatepark with Vertical Technik Ltd.
On June 19, 2015 the first foundations for the retaining walls were created. The project includes a Bowl with a slight Cradle, Hips and a Deep End. The depth is 1.5 to 1.9 m. The metal Coping is not galvanized in order to get a radical grinding feeling. On some parts of the Deep End a Noping gives the special accent to the Bowl. Until now this is the first Noping made on a Bowl in Switzerland. In addition to the Bowl a small street area with flat-down Rail and a Hubba with black granite is set up next to an Euro Gap. The flow park section has a Pump Bump, transitions and Banks as well as a Hip Quarter Pipe with a big platform. The adjoining asphalt surface is used as an extension of the skatepark. There will be installed some Manual Pads, Curbs and Rails.

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