CH Le Grand Saconnex - Expansion of the skatepark

The existing skate park in Le Grand Saconnex at the airport of Geneva Cointrin was expanded in the summer of 2019. Ramp lovers will now be able to ride a new 7.5 m wide and 1.9 m high mini ramp with extension. The driving surface consists of SKATEFACE® plates which prove themselves time and again for skateparks. The street skaters have opted for a granite manual table, which is the most luxurious option. The total length of the table is 4.8 m and there are two heights available (0.2 m and 0.4 m). The granite is polished on all sides. The asphalt floor was repaired, so that rolling the park is completely smooth again.

The old quarter pipe was replaced by a new one, measuring 4.5 m in width and 1.7 m in height. The existing facilities are a Roof Box with Rail and Ledge and a Bank 4.5 m wide and 1.5 m high. Next to it is a Curved Trick Box which is already in perfect condition.

The installation of the equipment was realized by the Vertical Team in 3 days, which is a brilliant achievement due to the circumstances. All materials had to be lifted with a tire crane from the street to the skate park. For this, a lane for the public bus of the TPG had to be closed next to the Palexpo building. We thank everyone involved at Palexpo, the crane company Matthey-Petit, the BfU and the customer, the city of Le Grand Saconnex for the smooth cooperation.

Kranunternehmen Matthey-Petit
Le Grand Saconnex
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