CH Lenzburg - Opening Hammerpark

The idea for the Hammerpark was established due to the 150th anniversary of the Mammut Sports Group and the 50th anniversary of the Rotary Club of Lenzburg. On the terrain of “Hammermatte” next to the “Kraftreaktor” the non-commercial recreational park Hammerpark was created. In addition to a skatepark in skate plaza style a bike pump track with jumps and boulder walls are standing next to a bistro. The town of Lenzburg and the community of Niederlenz provided the land surfaces. They signaled great interest for the region of Lenzburg to create such a unique leisure centre. The budget of CHF 780’000 was raised by sponsors. The sponsoring organization Hammerpark association is responsible for operations and maintenance.

The opening took place on Saturday 6 of April 2013 with demonstrations in all sports. Many families with kids were present confirming the needs of such amusement parks. Users of the public facilities act at their own risk.

As the supplier of skateparks we thank the initiators of the project for the job. In a close and smooth cooperation with the architect Andi Berger, the work was carried out on site by our team. A big thank you also goes to the local skaters who designed the skate park.

The skate park consists of two opposing platforms with a sunken space in between. In the middle of the square there are two trees that are surrounded with curbs. A trick box and a manual table sand beneath them. On one side is made of a large bank with a curb where one can make long grinds and slides. On the other side the platform is constructed at two different heights, wherein steps, gaps, banks and a curve are constructed. The highlights are certainly the two ledges that are equipped with special polished granite slabs.

We from Vertical wish all of users of the skatepark a lot of fun!

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