CH Littau: Completely new skatepark

The Littau skatepark was completely renovated in summer 2020 by Vertical Technik. The new facility is attractive for both beginners and advanced skaters. The approximately 1200 square metre area directly in front of the Crazy House leisure and activity space is not only used by skaters, but also by other groups, which is why, for example, a basketball hoop and a table tennis table were also installed. The skate park contains, among other things, a rail straight round tube, a minirampa skate plaza and a roof box. A basketball hoop with a ball catching net was installed at the back of the mini ramp. The whole area was resurfaced and the slope was improved, which used to be too steep for skating. Three planters were added to the skate park, which consist of a steel frame in which a tree is planted to provide shade. The seating surface of the planters is made of the finest granite, which will of course be used mainly for grinding and sliding.

6015 Luzern

Link Skatepark Reussbühl Littau

Link Crazy House

Rail straight round tube in our shop

Miniramp in our shop

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