CH Martigny - Concrete Skatepark

For Christmas 2020 the skate fans from Martigny received a nice present and on March 31st it was finally opened - the concrete skate park from Vertical Technik AG! It stands in the park of the “Center de loisirs et culture de Martigny”, or CCLM for short, and is a showcase project of the most beautiful variety. Its appearance impresses with its colored concrete, a modern design and its versatility for driving. The Martigny skate park is already considered one of the most beautiful concrete skate parks in Switzerland.

As a skate park with street, bowl and flow park, it covers all levels. When a drone records the concrete skate park from above, the 774 m2 concrete landscape looks inviting and nicely embedded in the amusement park next to a youth center. The street area offers a wallride, stairs, handrails, hubbas and a pyramid. Next to it, there is a clover bowl with roll-in and box for fly-outs. The platform is equipped with a taco with slappy curbs and a pyramid. Directly at the coping of the bowl, there is a creative object consisting of a mixture of spine and wobble.

The project was created in cooperation with youth work, the city administration, an architect, a landscape planner and Vertical Technik AG. At several design workshops with the young people, which took place in spring 2020, the design was developed on site and built in autumn 2020. The earthworks were carried out by local companies according to the plans of Vertical Technik AG. The construction work was carried out by the Vertical Beton Crew and lasted into the cold season. That is why the Martigny community provided a 50 x 30 m tent with heating. In this way, weather-related impairments in the quality of the concrete work could be excluded and the budget could be adhered to.

In order to enable beginners to get started with roller sports, a crescent-shaped space was provided, with a rail on the side and surrounded by a seat wall. Younger and inexperienced athletes can also learn to drive there and practice their first tricks. The concrete surfaces are very finely taloched, which is why less abrasion occurs when you fall. However, wearing protectors is recommended in all areas of the skate park.

A visit is not only worthwhile because of the skate park, but also to ride the pump track next to it by bike or to chill out in the spacious recreation park. Growing up in Martigny has acquired new qualities with the construction of this leisure facility. In the area of ​​leisure time activities, target groups and age groups, a generation park was implemented in Martigny, which covers the needs for movement and social interaction of the people living there.

We would like to thank all those involved for the cooperation, in particular Steve Chambovey from CCLM, Alban Carron from the landscape planning department «Passage», the architect Alexandre Revaz from AR_Architectes Sàrl and the Vice-Mayor Mr. Martinetti. A big thank you also goes to the Vertical Design Studio with Nicolas Schneider, our skatepark designer and the Vertical Concrete Crew. A great project - thanks for the great effort!

Rue des Vorziers 2
1920 Martigny

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