CH Mies (VD) - Concrete Skatepark

Vertical built a concrete skatepark in Mies (canton of Vaud). It covers an area of approximately 700m2 and consists of a mini ramp and a street area. Vertical developed the design and concept in cooperation with the architects CCHE from Nyon. The excavation work and the rough shaping were previously carried out by the construction company Perrin.

The platform features a staircase with handrail and hubba, as well as a manual pad with London gap. On the other side there is a 6 m wide mini ramp and a bench with wall ride. In between there is a pyramid, curbs, a rail and an A-frame with gap. The elements are arranged so that flowing lines are possible and can be used by experienced riders as well as beginners.

The geometric aspect of the skatepark is accentuated by black concrete in the diagonals. Since the FIBA headquarters are located in Mies, a new " 3x3 " basketball court was built next to the skatepark. The project also includes a new car park, green areas and a drinking fountain.
Opening: 11 May 2019

Vertical Technik AG would like to thank everyone involved for the pleasant cooperation!

Route de Veytay
1295 Mies

Link Perrin

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