CH Riddes - Concrete skatepark

The Skatepark project in Riddes, which is located between Martigny and Sion, was started by three friends. Because there is a great need for a skate space in the area, the local street worker supports their desire for a concrete skatepark with a small bowl and street elements. Through several meetings in workshop mode, the design was developed by the Vertical Design Crew according to the ideas of the initiators and the execution plans were created.

The building permit was granted after 5 months and the work could start in August 2020. First, the ground was prepared by a local contractor who excavated and built the frost-free layer. After the earthworks a load-bearing test of the compacted gravel layers have been made, the work was entrusted to the team of the Vertical Concrete Crew. The Skatepark construction works began on August 24.

The metal parts were fabricated in advance at the metal shop of Vertical Technik Ltd. and delivered galvanized. The fine shaping and formwork were carried out by the Vertical Concrete Crew. The concrete test was then carried out according to Vertical’s recipe, which was positive. The concrete works were therefore able to start on 9.9.2020. We will let you know again as soon as the Skatepark is finished.

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