CH Sierre - Concrete skate park

As of November 2018, a concrete skate park in the style of a skate plaza is located behind the railway station (Gare Sud) and directly next to the business school in Sierre.

The skate park, which measures 500 m2, was designed and built by Vertical Technik AG from Frenkendorf. A bowl corner and hip pyramid were built on the south side of the park. On the north side two platforms lead to different stairs, rails and ledges. The special feature of the park is a flying bench. The design was created by local skateboarders from the Skatepark Association Sierre and Vertical during several workshops. The skate park is open to the public and is located right next to the SBB car park.

We would like to thank the municipality of Sierre for their trust and great cooperation.

Route de la Mondérêche
CH 3960 Sierre

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