CH Stabio - Joint street workout project with parkour promotes fitness and community

We are pleased to announce that Vertical Technik AG has realized an impressive street workout parkour in close cooperation with the municipality of Stabio (Canton Ticino). This exciting project is not only a contribution to the promotion of physical fitness, but also strengthens the bond between our company and the municipality of Stabio.

The collaboration with the municipality of Stabio was characterized by a positive and constructive atmosphere right from the start. Together, we developed the vision of a street workout parkour that not only promotes sporting activities, but is also a meeting place for people of all ages in Stabio.

The smooth collaboration enabled us not only to create high-quality street workout facilities, but also to take into account the individual needs and wishes of the municipality of Stabio. The sports facilities are now not only a place for physical activity, but also a space that promotes togetherness and quality of life in Stabio.

The street workout facilities were developed with great care and precision to ensure that they meet the highest standards. The positive feedback from the community confirms that this project is not only a sporting highlight, but also makes a significant contribution to the community.

We would like to thank the municipality of Stabio and the civil engineering company Isotech from San Antonino for their excellent cooperation. Together we have not only created a street workout and parkour facility, but also established a platform for health, community and well-being in Stabio. We look forward to continuing to work together in the future on projects that enrich and strengthen local life.

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