CH Tenero - Street Workout and Parkour facility in the CST

The national youth sports center in Tenero has been offering a combined Street Workout and Parkour facility for interested athletes since August 1st, 2022.The largest Street Workout facility delivered by Vertical to date allows not only classic calisthenics exercises but also swinging from bar to bar over a longer distance. The combination with the Parkour facility made of concrete elements fulfills the dreams of many athletes. Training can be booked at the CST.

In autumn 2020, the sports coordinators of the CST approached Vertical with a request for a concept and a rough cost estimate. The architecture office baserga mozzetti from Muralto then issued a tender for a large facility. Vertical Technik AG was awarded the contract and we were allowed to carry out the order in summer 2022.

National Youth Sports Centre Via Brere CH-6598 Tenero Tel. +41 58 468 61 11

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