CH Trient - new Miniramp at the foot of the Mont-Blanc massif

The small municipality Trient lies at the foot of the Mont-Blanc massif near the border to France. It lies on the eponymous river Trient, which originates from the Trient Glacier.

During the workshops carried out in 2013 with young people from the municipality, Vertical found out what can best meet the wishes and expectations of the young people. The result was the following: A Miniramp 1400, 6 meters wide with a 1.5-meter-wide extension Nevertheless, the young people had to be patient until the miniramp could be installed.
The wait was finally over on May 25th 2016. Along with 2 technicians from Vertical and community workers, the young people were able to lend a hand. The result: A miniramp surrounded by a wonderful mountain panorama. This exclusive skate spot can be found here: On the same level as Hotel L’Auberge Mont Blanc, Planpro, 1, 1929 Trient, directly next to the football field.

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