CH Unterägeri - Active together: Vertical Technik AG designs street workout and parkour facilities

We are pleased to announce that Vertical Technik AG has realized an exciting project in collaboration with the municipality of Unterägeri: The construction of a street workout with parkour. This initiative is the result of an extremely positive cooperation between our company and the municipality of Unterägeri.

Together with sports clubs and young people from the community, Vertical Technik AG organized a workshop in which the ideas and wishes for the street workout and parkour facilities were discussed and developed. The diversity of perspectives and the creative energy released during this workshop contributed significantly to the design of the facilities.

The sports facilities are not only a place for physical activity, but also a living expression of the collaboration between Vertical Technik AG and the municipality of Unterägeri. The smooth communication and constructive exchange throughout the entire project led to a successful implementation.

A particular highlight was the integration of the street workout and parkour facilities into the outdoor areas of the Unterägeri school. This enables not only the school community but also the entire population to use the sports facilities and benefit from the wide range of training opportunities.

We are proud to contribute to the promotion of sporting activities in Unterägeri and would like to thank the municipality for its excellent cooperation. The street workout and parkour facility are not only an enrichment for physical fitness, but also for the sense of community and quality of life in the area.

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