CH Uster - Concrete skate module

The first new and very cool concrete skateboard module opened for use at the end of September 2018. It consists of a wave for scooter riders, a bump with hydrants and a kicker with granite kerbstones. Further development of the park is planned.

The local skaters Remo Rossi and Andreas Galli have developed a concept with new modules for the skate park Uster. Annatina Polteravon of the Sports Promotion Department of the City of Uster initiated the project and commissioned Vertical with the implementation.

The work required the individual work phases to be coordinated in order to implement the skater-friendly structure. The first challenge was to cut open the existing asphalt pavement in such a way that the transitions to concrete could be created cleanly.

Due to the relatively small dimensions of the modules, the formwork and reinforcement work was very costly in relation to the concrete volume. One hundred percent of the concrete work was carried out on site. The surfaces were very finely smoothed by hand. A genuine Von Roll hydrant was installed, which was powder-coated in signal red to match the design.

Vertical Technik AG would like to thank the skaters and the city of Uster for the uncomplicated cooperation.

Sportanlage Buchholz
Hallenbadweg 6
8610 Uster

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