CH Wangen-Brüttisellen - Mini ramp with extension

The opening of the new mini ramp in Wangen-Brüttisellen took place on Saturday the 14th of September 2013. There were about 50 active young people with skateboards, longboards and scooters on the court. All were very busy testing the new facility.

The municipality President Marlies Dürst took the microphone at 2:30PM to make the inauguration official. She spoke about the history of the skate park, which began in 1997. At the time the teacher was Christian Initiator and it started with a tar area and some small obstacles. In 2007 professional obstacles were purchased. These were a bank and a Pandora box with ledge and a round rail of Vertical. Later, the place got an extra quarter pipe as a gift from a neighbouring municipality. In 2013 the community Wangen-Brüttisellen ordered a mini ramp with an extension. This wouldn't have happened without the initiative of the locals. A group of teenagers decided to lend a hand and booked a Workshop for Assembley Preparation at Vertical.

Silvan Küderli, the initiator of the current mini ramp project, spoke about the great work of the young people and how valuable the Workshops were in the company Vertical. The opportunities that the participants were offered in the warehouse and on site had been a unique and valuable contribution to their development. After the youth workers, the youngsters themselves spoke a few words about their project, by which they had been strongly motivated. They had the honour to cut the red ribbon and officially call the mini ramp their own. They told how they stopped by Vertical on September 6 with the youth workers Silvan Küderli and Marianne Weber. Ramon Tompos received them and led the delegation through the office. In the technical department they were shown how skate facilities are developed and drawn. The engineer Florent Combeaux of Vertical explained how skate parks are conceived and implemented in reality. After that, the youngsters were given a Vertical T-shirt and working gloves for subsequent use at the site. Roman Jeker and Mike Zitzer received the youngsters in the shop and showed them the work they could perform in the warehouse. They counted and packaged screws, metal parts were loaded and wood plates were stacked. The youngsters prepared their own mini ramp for the installation and loaded it by hand. September 11th was the day of the Assembly. At 7 AM all the young people and the youth workers waited for Roman and Mike in the Skatepark. The showed up on time and brought the new miniramp with them on the trailer which was towed with the Toyota Land Cruiser. The weather was great and the youngsters were impatient to start working. The miniramp was set up under the direction of Roman and Mike at pleasant temperatures. Additionally a gift for the street area was set up. A rail with round tube was cemented in the ground.

Everyone was dedicated and helped with lots of motivation. The quality of the assembly was absolutely perfect, the result couldn't have been better. During work all safety measures were taken and no one got hurt. All youngsters recognized the project as a valuable commitment.

Vertical Technik thanks all youngsters for their help and the municipality of Wangen-Brüttisellen for the job. A big thank you also goes to all employees of Vertical, who have been personally involved to ensure that the youngsters were able to get this instructive project off the ground. Have fun at the skate park Wangen-Brüttisellen!

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