CH Wangs - New Miniramp in Sarganserland

On the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the skate park Vilters-Wangs, Mels, Sargans called "Skatetown", Vertical Technik supplied a 1.90 metre high, 6 metre wide and 10.50 metre long miniramp with rubber protector. An association is responsible for the maintenance and operation of the skate park. It is committed to promoting an attractive meeting place for young people and to organising skate courses, skate competitions and skate events. The municipality of Vilters-Wangs is located on the western slope of the Rhine Valley at the Sarganserland motorway junction. The municipality stretches as far as the Graue Hörner. Above lies the Viltersersee lake. The facility, which is beautifully embedded in the landscape and centrally located, is used by young people from all over the area. The miniramp was delivered in the spring of 2021, and the anniversary celebration took place in the summer. 

7323 Wangs

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