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The new SKILLS PARK in Winterthur opens on December 17 and 18 2016. The program is as diverse as the facilities of the multisport hall.

From the Big-Air-XSkills-Show with international top athletes like Pavel Alekhin and Adolf Silva in the discipline MTB Freestyle or Olympics-nominated skateboarder Simon Stricker to the CrossFit workout, parkour or pump track workshop with Miss Switzerland 2013, Dominique Rinderknecht: Every visitor is sure to find something that suits their needs for sports, fun and games at the SKILLS PARK opening. Furthermore, all facilities can be tried out for free. The visitors can look forward to a whole lot of action and entertainment at the opening of the SKILLS PARK, which is a multisport hall located in Winterthur spanning over 6000 square meters. The big happening on December 17th and 18th, 2016 mainly consists of children, young people, adults and families getting access to the SKILLS PARK and its bistro for the first time ever and being able to try out all of the facilities - for free. The attractive supporting program reflects the multifaceted nature of the SKILLS PARK facilities.

Action sport trick machines are in the lineup “with the currently most progressive mountain bike freestyle athlete worldwide, Pavel Alekhin and Adolf Silva, the Big-Air jump is guaranteed to be a spectacle” announces Desmond Tessemaker from Holland. He will take part on his BMX himself as part of the Masters-of-Dirt team with flip combo variations. The Russian Red Bull athlete Pavel Alekhin impresses audiences worldwide with his wide-ranging trick repertoire and is known for his typical style - he rides without brakes. Showmaster Adolf Silva from Barcelona, who is only 19 years of age, is not inferior in any way: He regularly shows double backflips and rumor has it that he is currently working on the triple. It remains to be seen if the SKILLS PARK’s Big-Air jump with an inflatable landing pillow will function as a training facility for this. During the action-packed Big-Air shows the audience will also be impressed by Clemens Kaudela, Tobi Merz, Georg Fechter, Peter Kaiser as well as the Swiss boys from the Flying Metall Crew consisting of Ramon Hunziker, Cedric Hubacher, Lucas Huppert and Chris Räber. An emotional extravaganza is guaranteed during the official opening ceremony on Saturday evening at latest, with the Big-Air-XSkills show featuring MTB-, BMX-, skateboard- and scooter athletes.

Beads of sweat and tears of laughter
The trainers from CrossFit Gleis 10 will make you sweat in the fitness zone with personalized CrossFit workouts, while Capoeira União Wintherthur will warm up the training area with smooth moves and vibrant music during their show and workshop. Overcome various obstacles like James Bond - the pros from ParkourOne will teach the necessary skills in the parcour workshop and on the parcour training elements. The bubble soccer matches, which is a mixture of wrestling and soccer, are guaranteed to have you in fits of laughter. The Winti Football Amigos will put oversided balloons filled with air over the upper bodies of the soccer players so that they can only play with their legs. It’s worth a try - a high fun factor is guaranteed! A childrens celebration is expected to take place in the kid’s gym area, the trampoline facility and the traffic parcour, and will probably culminate in a balance bicycle race for children. Participants in the pumptrack workshop will be able to learn about the correct riding techniques for a BMX or mountain bike, such as gaining momentum by pulling and pushing. The coach of the national BMX team and two-time Olympics pariticpant Roger Rinderknecht, who is also operator of the SKILLS PARK, is looking forward to the charming support of his cousin, Dominique Rinderknecht, during the Sunday workshop: Dominique Rinderknecht, Miss Switzerland 2013.

New skateboard school by Olympics-nominee
Red Bull pro skater and local hero Simon Stricker was significantly involved in the development of the concrete street skate park in the SKILLS PARK and is now looking forward to the result: “The skills park, with its concrete street skate park, large wooden bowl with pool coping, various jump ramps and Big-Air jump leaves no wishes open for today’s skateboarder. The design and quality of the skate park can be compared to the facilities of the street skate league SLS and the X-Games, which are the venues for the world’s most important competitions.” With its newly founded skateboard school Swiss Skate Academy, the Olympics-nominee offers professional skateboard coaching in the SKILLS PARK. The first workshops will take place during the opening weekend. You will have the chance to be amazed by his tricks during the skateboard show with the team riders Sven Kilchenmann, Fabio Martin and Lino Häfeli.

Opening Weekend Press Release from December 18th, 2016
The SKILLS PARK in Winterthur held its opening ceremony this weekend and drew huge crowds: Skateboarders, CrossFit enthusiasts, inline skaters, trampolinists, footballers, BMX riders, gymnasts, free runners, mountain bikers, scooter riders, acrobats, capoeira performers, balance bike riders and carpet sliders. All of them wanted to test the sports infrastructure of the largest multisport hall of its kind and marvel at the professional athletes’ performances on the concrete skate park and big-air ramp. “We counted over 7000 free entries over the weekend. Half an hour after opening our doors there were already 200 guests in the sports zones. The food in the bistro that was meant for Sunday had to be cooked on Saturday already and in the entrance area the strollers piled up. We didn’t expect such a huge rush. Our expectations were exceeded by far”, marveled the SKILLS PARK operators Roger Rinderknecht and Edina Banyoczki. During Saturday’s official opening ceremony Winterthur’s town councilors Mr. Stefan Fritschi from the School and Sports Department and Mr. Josef Lisibach from the Building Department showed their sporty side: As a symbolic act, they imitated the founders/operators and slid down the steep big-air ramp while sitting on a carpet. Impressive tricks like front flips or 360-backflips were shown by top athletes such as Desmond Tessemaker on the BMX, Ramon Hunziker on the mountain bike, Simon Stricker on the skateboard and Aljoscha Jung on the scooter, which was honored by the audience with thunderous applause.

Opening hours
The SKILLS PARK is opened on Saturday, December 17th 2016 from 10.00 am to 2.00 am. The sports zone closes at 10.00 pm while DJ Prince Boogie will warm up the guests of the SKILLS PARK Bistro / sports bar with some great music. On Sunday, December 18th 2016 the SKILLS PARK is opened from 10.00 am to 7.00 pm. The sports zone is reserved exclusively for “MiniSkills” from 10.00 am to 12.00 noon; for children, up to 5 years old in accompaniment of an adult. The regular service starts on Monday, December 19th 2016. Information regarding the opening hours, entrance prices, offers and the detailed opening program can be found on

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