D Nürnberg - Two Wheelie Tables in the City Centre

The Kornmarkt is one of Nuremberg's historic squares. The nearby city centre area has a high level of activity, whereas there is an urban development vacuum in this area of the old town. This is to be changed with the help of an urban planning competition. As part of the redesign, Vertikal Technik AG supplied two of their popular Granite Wheelie Table. This module consists of a box onto which one can jump with an ollie. Tricks such as wheelies (balancing on two wheels) are performed on the surface. From a wheelie, countless variations can be derived, which can be added when riding down, such as a 360° flip (rotation of the skateboard by 360° in the longitudinal axis) and then landing on it again. This module offers many possibilities to be creative. Because the two modules delivered to Nuremberg have different heights, different levels of difficulty can be tried out.

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