D Schopheim - Concrete skatepark

On September 30 2018, the opening of the new concrete skate park in Schopfheim took place. It is located at Schopfheim's suburban train station West. The skate park, which is 700 m2 large and was planned by Vertical Technik AG from Frenkendorf and built by Maxi Häring from Munich, was tested until late into the evening. The skatepark contains a bowl, a triple set with handrails and hubbas, an a-frame and a manual pad with slappy curb. The park was planned in collaboration with local skaters and the Youth Parliament during a workshop held by Vertical. The construction required 180 cubic meters of concrete and 4 tonnes of steel. The users are very excited about the new skate park. Despite the large number of people that showed up on the day of the opening, the atmosphere was excellent:

Jacob, 23 years old, Schopfheim: The skate park is fantastic. It's really awesome that the project worked out after this many years. I was able to participate in the planning and I must say: The park turned out even better than we could have dreamed of. In my opinion this is the best skatepark in the region. For example, every element is really versatile and it is possible to ride them in many different ways. And we have a bowl, which is so cool. This is the only non-commercial skate park in this area.
"Badische Zeitung from 1.10.2018"

Kalle, 14 years old, Schallbach: This park here is really cool - so much fun and it's free. It is great to ride: it gets really fast and there are great jumps as well. There's a bit much going on at the moment, but it's fun. "Badische Zeitung from 1.10.2018"

Vertical Technik AG would like to thank everyone involved for the pleasant cooperation!

Newspaper article

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