F Cernay - Microrampe

In 2018, the city of Cernay asked Vertical Technik AG to improve its asphalt and concrete skatepark. The teenagers wanted a new concrete microramp to complement the old installation. The skatepark was built by a local construction company in 2007.

After a workshop, Vertical proposed an original design: a microramp with spine, hip, volcano, curved coping and a small pandora box. The goal was also to renovate a quarterpipe and to add a flatrail.
Vertical has prepared the plans and documents for the tender. The skatepark construction company Antidote was selected to carry out the work. To the delight of the youngsters, the work was completed halfway through the summer holidays in 2019.

We thank the city of Cernay for their trust and the very good cooperation throughout the project. A big thank you goes to the company Antidote for the high quality of the work.

20 Rue René Guibert
F-68700 Cernay


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