F Mutzig - Concrete Flowpark

The municipality of Mutzig commissioned Vertical in 2018 to develop a preliminary project. To complement existing opportunities in the region, Vertical has proposed a concrete flow park.

The project convinced the local council and it was confirmed. The contract to Vertical included the preparation plans and the preparation of the tender. The Belgian skatepark construction company CVBA Skape was selected to carry out the work. In August 2019, the project was completely built in just 5 weeks.

The starting elements are a Corner Quarterpipe and a Roll-In. In between there is a Curb, a Volcano, a Spine with a Hip Quarter Pipe and a Pyramid with Parking Block. The special feature in the park is a Wallride with perforated sheet metal.

The community has realized the landscaping work itself. The official inauguration of the park will take place on Saturday, October 19th 2019.

Vertical Technik AG would like to thank the municipality of Mutzig for the trust and good cooperation. A big thank you goes also to the company CVBA Skate.

Address: 1 Rue du Mattfeld, F-67190 Mutzig

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