LI Balzers - Skate Park and Pumptrack

A pump track with a bowl is being integrated into the village center of Balzers. The concept was developed in collaboration with Velosolutions. The pump track is made for bikers but can also be used with other roller sports devices. The banked curve contains coping made from a steel pipe, which is an innovation.

An original bowl with a shallow end, deep end, pool coping and tiles under the coping is located in the middle of the recreational facility. Riding on the tiles creates a typical sound.
A bowl of this quality is unparalleled in the region. The bowl seamlessly connects to the pump track. This way a transition from one area to the other is also possible with small rollers. For this purpose, a flat rail and a manual table made out of concrete will be set up.

Fürstenstrasse 56
FL-9496 Balzers

Pumptrack by Velosolution

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