Pandora Box 600 Big x 2 + Ledge + Rail R x 2

Pandora Box 600 Big x 2 + Ledge + Rail R x 2
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The Pandora Box is a central module with two inclined, banked walls that have a flat platform between them. Depending on what type of Pandora Box it is, it can come equipped with a ledge and rails. You can jump over a Pandora Box by launching off one of the banked walls, executing an air maneuver over it and landing on the other banked wall on the other side. You can also use a Pandora Box by launching off one banked wall onto the ledge or rail and using these elements to perform sliding tricks. Depending on how long the ledge and rail are, you'll be landing on the banked wall on the other side of the box, or directly onto the ground. You need to have a distance of 7 meters between your momentum-building element and the Pandora Box, to give the skater enough time to prepare to do his trick.
Ledge: The ledge is a small wall that is utilized for tricks such as grinds and slides. It is installed on the ground, attached to the Pandora Box or a Pyramid.
A Rail serves to jump with an ollie and to slide along the metal bar. Grinds and slides are made with a skateboard in the transversal or longitudinal sense. Thousand tricks and variations can be made on a Rail. From simple board slides to the combination of several tricks anything is possible.
This product is compatible with:
K00117 Enclosure for Pandora Box 600 Big.
Item number
H 0.60 m | B 5.40 m | L 6.40 m | W 17.5°
Weight kg

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