Pandora Box Step Up 2500

Pandora Box Step Up 2500
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The Pandora Box Step Up 2500 is a central module with two round transitions and a flat platform between them. The platform is inclined upwards to allow high landings. At the end of the platform a radius is installed for soft landings. Its geometry is meant for Scooters and BMX riders. You can jump over the Pandora Box Step Up 2500 by launching off the first transition, executing an air manoeuvre and landing on the second transition on the other side. You need to have a distance of at least 7 meters between your momentum-building element and the Pandora Box, to have enough time to prepare to do your trick. This product is compatible with K00568.
Item number
H 2.50 m | B 2.64 m | L 9.76 m
Weight kg

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