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Overground Basel, the first professional training centre for the trend sports Ninja, Parkour, Chase Tag, Street Workout, Tricking and Bigbounce, is being built at Elsässerstrasse 215. The hall will house three ninja tracks with different levels of difficulty, a freestyle parkour area, a parkour Olympia speed track, a trampoline obstacle course, a chase tag area and a jumping floor for kickers, as well as a large co-working space around the atrium and a lounge area. When asked how far the work has progressed, Fabian Kägi from The Ninja Concept association, which initiated the project, says: "As far as the obstacles are concerned, we are at 80 per cent, and about 60 per cent for the many small works. Vertical Technik AG supported the team in the production and installation of the obstacles, but not only that: "On the one hand, Vertical gave us a hand with the detailed planning of the structure and its implementation, and on the other hand, the company acts as one of the main sponsors and thus contributes significantly to the success," says Kägi. An exact opening date has not yet been set: "We are currently looking at June. Slacklines have been added to the already mentioned offer: This is also a trendy sport where you balance on a webbing that is stretched between two attachment points.  And further: "In summer we are planning summer camps for children from 8 to 16 years, which can be booked during the holidays."

Further information:

Interview with Chris Hermat, Swiss Parkour athlete, Speed Parkour World Champion and Ninja Warrior. He is part of the founding team of Overground.


How are things going at Overground? Current progress?

We have a harmonious team with masters from different fields.

What is the importance of vertical technique for you?

Vertical Technique has a very big meaning for us. We get a solid basic framework. By that I mean the production of sports facilities as well as the planning and the knowledge of how to professionally set up and market something like that. We are very grateful for the professional team and the sponsorship.

How is Street Workout integrated into the hall?

The mobile street workout facility from Vertical is prominently located right next to the main entrance.

What is there to say about Parkour?

It is the world's first indoor speed parkour course with two lanes. We have the official Olympic dimensions of 40 metres in length. The whole parkour sector is huge - not only in Switzerland, but all over Europe we are quite good at it.

Anything else?

Once again, a big thank you to the Vertical team. I hope that we will finally be able to open the doors to the public in the summer.

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