Extrusion bending service
Profile bending with the highest precision with CNC-controlled machine.

We bend your profiles with high precision for individual pieces and small series. As a partner, we are at your disposal with our know-how during the construction phase. We process your profiles according to your individual specifications on request.

Maximum dimensions:
Round tube 1" (33,1 mm)
Round tube 11/4" (42,4 mm)
Round tube 11/2" (48,4 mm)
Round tube 2" (60,3 mm)
Square tube 120/120/4
Rectangular tube 160/60/4
Flat iron flat edge 120/15
Flat iron upright 220/15
Square solid material 60/60
Round solid material Ø 60
Angle 80/80/8
T-steel 80/80/8
UNP 180
I-PE 180
I-PE 120
I-PE 140

Smallest radius:

Square tube 40 x 40 x 3 (example) 500 mm

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Quality and adherence to deadlines are our top priorities.
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