Extrusion bending service
We're a company in the field of sports facilities, founded in 1989. Since then, we have specialized in manufacturing skate facilities and skateparks. In 1992, we acquired a controlled bending machine to cover our own demand of curved elements. This allows us nowadays to bend regular and elliptical radiuses that can transition into tangential, straight segments. Besides doing our own work we also supply small and medium sized local contractors that make use of our bending services. Shopfitters, locksmiths and other metalworkers take advantage of our service Our strengths are a fast turnaround time and flexibility to accommodate our customer’s requests. "The customer is king", is our motto. We do all we can to respond to our customer’s needs.

When we receive an order, the curved sections are usually ready for pick up the very next day. We also take express orders, when our capacity allows us. When building prototypes, it is sometimes important to adjust the parts. We have enough room for that and take our time to work with our clients bending single parts. It is also possible to bring the machine to our customers and do the bending on the spot. We are equipped with transportation for this purpose. We also bend series according to plans and can supply the materials for it, if you wish. With our machine we can shape all kinds of extrusions. We're looking forward to your inquiries.

Extrusion bending service in the Shop