Transport of a skate ramp for the show in Thun in 1991 with the first towing vehicle.

History Vertical Technik AG
Today Vertical Technik Ltd. specializes in the implementation of leisure facilities. The offer includes project planning and the creation of infrastructures for active leisure activities. These include generation parks, skate parks, street workout parkour and ninja facilities, climbing facilities, indoor freestyle centers, mobile skating facilities as well as rental and maintenance. In addition to our own developed product ranges, custom-made products according to customer requirements are among the company's core competencies. From product development to production to installation, the orders are carried out with the greatest adherence to delivery dates and in Swiss quality. The name Vertical guarantees the highest quality, durability and functionality. Vertical's motto is: "The customer is king" and everything is done to meet his wishes.

In 1980 Paul Heuberger became Swiss champion for the first time at the age of 14 and held the junior Swiss record in skateboard high jump at 1.19 m. At the age of 17 he founded the Skate Club of Riehen. In the following years Paul was halfpipe Swiss champion several times and skated at a European level. At a camp in Bourges (France), he met Tony Hawk, Mike McGill, Kevin Staab and other professionals from the United States. He decided to become a skateboard professional. For a while he lived in Geneva because Switzerland's only skate hall was there and he could skate every day. Paul had sponsors, was photographed for Swiss magazines and was on the way to live from skateboarding. In the near future he wanted to live and skateboard as a professional in the USA. But after a series of serious injuries, he realized that his career as a skateboard professional was no longer possible.

In 1989 Paul visited his skater colleague Dan Bourqui in Brazil. There he started skateboarding again after a break of almost two years and learned to ride in such a way that he no longer fell. In Brazil, he developed the idea of building skateboard systems professionally. The one-man company Vertical Technik Paul Heuberger was founded at the end of July 1989.

In 1997 Vertical was converted into a public limited company. The company developed from a one-man operation to a company with a high profile and name in the international scene.

In 2000 the boom in the skate park area began. Vertical also employed up to 25 people. By supplying events in Switzerland and in other European countries, Vertical has quickly made a name for itself as a supplier of quality and reliability. Deliveries went to almost all European countries and to many municipalities in Switzerland. At the request of pro Skaters, mobile show ramp systems were rented to Australia and sold to the USA and Brazil.